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William Xu
Surrounded by arts that spark his imagination and inspire his heart, William loves to create, style, and shoot his masterpieces.
Aug 2017
Remember this game?
Vincentius Newborn Portraits by William Xu

When I had passed all the levels, I played from level one again. Super Mario Bros was (and still is) my all time favorite game.

Jul 2017
Summer Ideas for You & Your Family
Bianca & Aunty Meli Portraits by William Xu

Bibi (Bianca) loves to pose. When I asked her to smile, she smiled. When I told her to act surprised,…

May 2017
Taking Newborns First Picture
Babies Newborn Portraits by William Xu

Hi! I’m William Xu. It’s my first time writing for this blog! I take baby pictures, specializing in newborns. Since…

Feb 2016
BabyAXIOO is on the move!
Introducing BabyAXIOO Mobile by William Xu

There’s nothing more precious than the feeling of holding a newborn baby in your arms. In those few seconds, every…