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William Xu
Surrounded by arts that spark his imagination and inspire his heart, William loves to create, style, and shoot his masterpieces.
Apr 2019
Wow, I’m Someone’s Mom!
Adryanto & Ella Maternity by William Xu

The wait to finally hold our babies in our arms can be excruciatingly painful sometimes, because the entire process of becoming a mother is hard. But we have got to remember that it is ever so worth it.

Feb 2019
What’s the story behind your baby’s name?
Baby Portraits of Ocean by William Xu

You’ve probably spent hours and hours thinking about this…

Oct 2018
What do you want to be when you grow up?
Baby Portraits of Keerthana (Surya & Sarita) by William Xu

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are…

Sep 2018
Pregnancy Stories of Catherine Sumitri
Maternity Portraits of Catherine Sumintri by William Xu

“I’m having my very first baby! I’m into 36 weeks and my baby boy is about to arrive very soon.” said Catherine excitedly.