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William Xu
Surrounded by arts that spark his imagination and inspire his heart, William loves to create, style, and shoot his masterpieces.
Aug 2019
I’m a Princess and That’s a Good Thing
Kids Compilation by William Xu

If you have an idea that princesses are weak or not very good at most things, we don’t blame you. But give us some time to change your perspective…

Jul 2019
When it comes to newborns, there are no shortcuts
Newborn Photoshoot of Arrasya by William Xu

Fact is: There are no shortcuts for moms (and newborns).

Jun 2019
Don’t Forget Dads
Playdate Ivan Mario with Zozo & Lilo by William Xu

A father is that first picture of manhood and leadership that a son receives, and the first male model of love and care that his daughter experiences.

Apr 2019
Wow, I’m Someone’s Mom!
Adryanto & Ella Maternity by William Xu

The wait to finally hold our babies in our arms can be excruciatingly painful sometimes, because the entire process of becoming a mother is hard. But we have got to remember that it is ever so worth it.