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Being everybody's best friend, Keefe is known for his funny jokes and his big heart.
Mar 2019
How will your children remember you?
Baby Portraits of Arthur by Keefe

Whether we think about it or not, our children are constantly learning from us. They absorb everything they see and hear like sponges.

Dec 2018
A Classic Story
Baby Portraits of McKenzie by Keefe

We’ve heard the story of Pinocchio more than a dozen times. It’s a classic, often used as a reference by our parents whenever they’re reminding us about the consequences of telling lies.

Oct 2018
Is there an ideal age difference between siblings?
Sisters Portraits of Naura & Neona by Keefe

How long should parents wait before having the next baby?

Sep 2018
How to Say ‘No’ Without Saying No?
Portraits of Baby Kyle by Keefe

Let’s be real for a second. If you took the time to count how many times you tell your child “no” within the span of a day, you’d find it equivalent to the numbers of fingers on your hands or the number of hair on your head?