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Kalvin Ananda
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Jul 2019
Can You Imagine It?
Wedding Trailer of Michael & Sarah by Kalvin Ananda

There are many things to be grateful for when you let go of the burden of your expectations.

May 2019
Pure Chemistry
Same Day Edit Video of Todd & Vinisha by Kalvin Ananda

Somewhere in the back of my head, I knew that this was not going to be your typical Indian wedding.

Apr 2019
A New Era of Love
Wedding Trailer of George & Zinzar by Kalvin Ananda

As old as the world is, as far as humanity’s line is drawn back, so far back does the history of Love goes.

Nov 2018
Wave of Grace
The Wedding of Alex & Hana (Super8) by Kalvin Ananda

Watching me is like watching the fire
Take your eyes from you
Hope it isn’t repetition
Though that’s the only thing
That keeps and takes you