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Feb 2013
The Wedding of Felix & Irene
Cinematic Trailer by Garry Valentino by Donny Wu

The people that I shoot for my trailers are not actors. How their day went were not scripted. Every kiss…

Feb 2013
Shammi & Ekta Engagement
Introducing Dimar Brataadiredja by Donny Wu

 Hei Guys!Before we know it a month has passed in 2013, and all of us are super excited with all…

Jan 2013
The Wedding of Craig & Sarah
Same Day Edit Video by Garry V. by Donny Wu

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you had a fabulous 2012, filled with God’s loving kindness and personally, I sure…

Jan 2013
The wedding of Wijaya + Michelle
Same Day Edit by Jimmy Indra by Donny Wu

 People always say the most beautiful things during a wedding vow. They speak of things that they don’t normally say…