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David Soong
No one can spell R-O-M-A-N-C-E like David can. A sweet and full of surprises kind of man.
Jun 2012
In front of the camera
Soong Family Portraits by Adi by David Soong

We re a family of photographers. You d think we have lots of pictures of ourselves, right? Well, we could actually do…

Jun 2012
Exotic Majesty of India
Eko & Veronika by David by David Soong

I ve got to say, this was one of the most memorable trips I ve had in a while. India is so…

May 2012
You and Me, Just us Three
Photography by David, Written by Maya by David Soong

In the beginning it was just you and him. You d stay up after work to unwind on your comfy couch…

Mar 2012
Haryo & Ayu
The Wedding by David by David Soong

Memories of that beautiful December day in Jerusalem will always linger in my mind. Now as I write, I still…