Photography : Portraiture
Blooming Fun and Fluff
Elika Boen Portraiture by Fen
Aug 2022

Flowers and dogs have one thing in common; reminding us of the goodness the world can offer.


It’s important to set the right mood to execute the desired concept during a photo session, and there are various ways to achieve it. Lighting set-up, music, and uplifting discussions–are only a few of them. However that day, Kylo, Elika’s adorable Maltipoo, effortlessly lifted everyone’s mood with his undeniable cuteness.


During the entire photoshoot, the studio turned into a blossoming playground for Elika and Kylo.


The white furbaby immediately made everyone turn their heads and swooned inside as soon as he entered into the room. His sparkling round eyes and fluffy fur also tested our crew’s self-control not to give him a pat every minute.


There is always something extraordinary about a session with a human’s best friend.


Unlike people, pets cannot be directed or given a brief prior to the shoot. It is challenging yet amusing how oftentimes I witness the owner and pet bonded in special chemistry that results in genuine laughter, gestures, and scenes. This particular session was one of those moments.


I would like to thank Elika and Kylo for the fun and fluffy photoshoot! Here are to many more moments captured with the furbabies.