Photography : She Said Yes
The Beauty of Love
Joses & Jane Prewedding by Aha
May 2022

We inhale as we love.


Love is a beautiful, mysterious force, that binds people to those around them. Its beautiful form never stays the same for long – always evolving, changing intensity.


“Love is the best and most beautiful thing in the world that cannot be seen or even touched”, Hellen Keller once said.


Paradoxically, love is oftentimes hard to express nor to define, which makes every element in love really matters. Feeling blue, blossoming butterlies, and such—requires one to be open and vulnerable. Sometimes it makes us get lost in time, but not in memories.


Memories stay, and we realize love is a lifetime-long journey. It’s beautiful, everlasting, and oh-so-unconditional.





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