Photography : Portraiture
The Beauty in Every Seasons
Portraiture of dr. Gaby & friends by Fen
Apr 2022

Womanhood is a good blend of strength and tenderness.


I can be both a feminist and feminine. I can be both able to pursue whatever my passion is, and at the same time express myself in bold make-up, wearing the trendiest designer clothes. There is no way my interest in fashion affects my value and intellect.


Womanhood is neither defined by relationships status, career level, nor appearance. Those are accessories. Womanhood is about our inner strength. How much we’d push our own potentials while lifting other people up. And it doesn’t matter whether I walk in flip flops, 12cm heels, or a pair of leather boots, as a woman I’d lift my head up, warm the world with my smile, and fight my fights.


All day, every day, there is a certain beauty that blooms within us, whatever the season might be. This beauty lets us feel good about ourselves even in the shadow of gloom. But many times we need to trigger it to rise. Sometimes I’d jog around the block, sometimes I’d play fun dress-up. Sometimes I’d devour a bowl of comfort food, sometimes I’d drain my emotion by watching Netflix drama.


Once the beauty blooms again, our confidence is undefeatable. We’d empower ourselves, we’d love ourselves for who we are and we’d accept others for who they are.


On Kartini Day, we celebrate women’s empowerment and equal rights. By embracing the beauty of womanhood in every season, we also encompassed the strides Kartini made toward the emancipation of women in Indonesia.


Happy Kartini’s Day! May every day Indonesian women are becoming even more courageous and determined to go against the grind, using our insight, intellect, and vision, for positive steps forward.

Photo courtesy of dr. Gaby Syerly, Inneke Jane, dr. Mellyana, dr. Olivia