Photography : Portraiture
An Unfolded Beauty of Natasha
Natasha Portraiture by Fen
Mar 2022

There’s an ancient saying that says “every flower blooms in its own time” and just as this beautiful soul bloomed perfectly on her birthday, revealing her unfolded beauty to the world.


Natasha’s journey showed us the incredible beauty of patience and persistence. When a flower needs sun and rain to grow, we also need compliments and criticism to grow. From her journey, we know the importance of acceptance is the key to bloom in your own battle. 


We are honored to be a part of Natasha’s birthday full bloom celebration which really taught us the real meaning of “bloom wherever you’re planted.” The story of her journey battling obesity for 5 years, comes with an expensive price, from effort, money, and time for sure. At the end of her journey, she was glad she did it! It had been a long journey and really worth all the hard work. 


And here she is, a whole new different person and that shows us to love ourselves even more to live our best life and to look our best! Feeling good with the improvement and as she said, “Don’t settle for less, live your best life, and it feels good to see my growth!”


Cheers to more growth in our life in every aspect!



Love, Axioo

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