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The Best Timing For The Next Baby
by Vania
Dec 2020

Adding a new family member can be a very exciting thing to plan.

Surely, everyone has their own plan and timing in growing a family. Only you and your partner can decide the most ideal time to give your firstborn a sibling. However, if you are unsure about making that decision, there are several things you can consider before going for second:

 1. Your First Child


The age gap between siblings can create different dynamics in the house. The nearer they are in age, the closer their relationship can be – but that also means more work for the parents. In contrast, the wider the age gap is, the two children may have less in common – but parents can take a breather in between, also relax and put more focus while managing one at a time.

 2. Childcare Cost


Raising a family is not exactly easy on our finances. It’s no surprise that many families prefer to forgo having more than one kid for this reason. Others may also choose to delay having a second child or wait until their finance settles before trying for the next one.

 Having to decide based on financial terms can be a stressful thing. But we do encourage parents to set aside emotional issues to reach a careful and reasonable decision before moving forward.

3.  Mom’s age

 Fact : Fertility decreases with age. Medical experts suggest mothers to go into pregnancy sooner rather than later to avoid certain pregnancy complications. Younger mothers also tend to have better chances of conception with lower risks during delivery.

 But the good news is, we live in the age of better healthcare system and medical advancement. Second pregnancy may also come easier for mommies who already know what to expect second time around. Do consult your doctor if you need more affirmation.

4. Mom’s readiness


 Parenting can be tough; There are sleepless nights, tantrums, and seemingly constant stream of needs to be fulfilled. As your first child gets bigger, you may just seem to regain your independence. Ask yourself if you are willing to give up your new freedom just yet, or if you’re ready to plunge into the next cycle of parenting.

5. Support System


 If your first pregnancy takes a big toll on your health or emotional well being, then it is best to equip yourself with a good support system second time around. With one kid in tow and an ongoing pregnancy, check if you can get an extra hand to count on before deciding to give it a go. Don’t forget, it takes a village to raise a kid.

6. Spouse Says


 Last but not least, how does your other half feel about having a second child? The decision to add a new member should be a unified decision. Your partner’s readiness plays a big part in determining whether or not your family is ready to grow.

 So moms and dads, what is your determining factor in giving your first child a sibling? Regardless of what it could be, giving another sister or brother to your first child can be the most rewarding thing a parent can do. Listen to your heart, talk to one another and good luck!

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