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Happy 1st Year of Motherhood Mommies!
by William Xu
Nov 2020

Firsts are special, that we know.

 From a newborn to fully grown one-year old, nothing says milestone more than a baby completing 365 days of life on earth! Needless to say, a full celebration is in order and nothing less than a spectacular one at that.

With all eyes on the baby, we just want to point out that another BIG milestone is happening and it’s just as important. Do you know what it is? Yeap!

It’s your own incredible graduation of the very first year of motherhood!


 Think back to all days in one calendar where you went through labor, the victory of birth, the sweet first look and tears of joy. Then there’s the engorged breasts and endless pumping, all while undergoing postpartum recovery and managing a crying baby!

 And who can forget the sleepless nights, the midnight feeding and diaper changing in the dark, the never ending worries, the struggle of putting your bub to sleep only to wake them up again! Of course, that’s nothing compared to the realization that nothing is ever the same again, or the overwhelming emotions when there’s just so much to do but so little time.

But certainly we must include all the best moments that the clock can’t rewind. That first smile and riotous laugh, that twinkle in your baby’s eyes accompanied with magical cooing sound. Let’s remember all things first like rolling, sitting, eating, and that hilarious butt up in the air when trying to stand. Remember the thrill of your first baby outing? How can we ever forget.

 Equally as unforgettable is the satisfaction when you get things done, task after task. That pride that you are the mother your child needs and no one else can fill that role. That moment when you know, you’ll always triumph as your strength renews each and every day. That feeling of being whole because your family is for now, complete.

Yes, you’ve come a long way Momma!

 From being someone’s daughter to being a confident mother, you have fully transformed and more than earned the right to a proper celebration. Why only your baby gets all the birthday fun, when you’re also the star of the show? On BOTH your first birthdays, let’s plan for two but don’t get too tired. Serve your favorite dish or maybe put up your favorite theme to go with your baby’s.


Anything that represents YOU!

Happy birthday little one, and happy birthday to you too Mommy.

 Have a birthday party that you’ll look back and be proud of, not just your baby’s first but also yours. Dress up your family, hire someone you trust to capture everything perfectly, and enjoy your moment in time.

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