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The Essence of Time
Ronald x Uniqlo Portraiture by Fen
Sep 2020

With all the change that has been happening all around the world, the thing that is most affected is probably my schedule. Automatically, there is less time spent on doing music, less time spent on hanging out with other people. So, I try to allocate my time for other things now.


I personally think that, when we come out of this pandemic, I should come out of it having gained something. That something could be in the form of some knowledge or skill that I have always wanted to build on. Determined to make productive use of all this time that I have in my hands, I’ve actually been hitting the books. Lately, I’ve been spending most of my time learning about all the technical and theoretical stuff that I always had the intention of studying but never really got to it back in the busy old-normal days. 


And, of course, I make sure to invest in some family time, spending quality time with my wife and my kids. Even though we don’t really go anywhere and we always end up doing the same things over and over again, I still enjoy every single second with them. Maybe that’s also because I naturally love spending time at home more than anywhere else… like a true homebody.


Well, the point is, now that we have this much time in our hands, let’s do the things that we never really got to do before the pandemic. Whether it be studying, reading, spending quality time with your loved ones, having important conversations with your spouse or your family, cooking, sleeping late and waking up even more late – you decide. 


Just remember that time is irreversible, so use it intentionally.



Stay productive,

Ronald Steven

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