Photography : Portraiture
The Creative Process
Emily Portraiture by Herna
Aug 2020

If you google, “why do women wear makeup?”, the first few search results might mention the word attractiveness. For centuries, women were thought to have worn makeup for other people to notice them. It was thought that makeup was some sort of tool that women used to attract other people. However, these answers seem to be a bit… outdated. To say that women wear makeup only to impress other people is not quite the right answer anymore. The art of wearing makeup has since evolved, people are free to paint whatever they want on their faces. Makeup enthusiasts would agree that the face is like a blank canvas. And now, we finally know the real reason why women wear makeup: it is to express, not to impress.


Think about it, women don’t really think about who they want to impress when they’re picking out the colours of their eyeshadow and lipstick, do they? 


Asking why women wear makeup is like asking, “why do you still wear perfume to Zoom meetings?” Or, “why do you make your bed when you’re going to sleep in it again anyway?” 


“Because it makes me feel good, motivated, clean, or put together. Doing these things makes me feel like I am being my best self. And feeling like that keeps my world spinning.”


“Creativity is an inherent human quality of the highest order. When we create, we become more than the sum of our parts,” says the Greek composer, Yanni. When we put our creativity to use and create art, we become whole, we become who we were created to be. We become the highest and the best version of ourselves. When we create, suddenly, what has long been kept inside of us is poured out unto this big canvas that is right in front of us, making room within us for us to grow.


Art is not so much about the result. It’s about the experience. It’s about what you feel, about who you become in the process—the creative process.


The creative process feels like a roller coaster sometimes. One day, you feel like you know what you’re doing. The next day, you doubt every single brush stroke you make, you question whether you still have what it takes to keep on painting. But, in that very same process is where you discover yourself. Because, although others are welcomed to enjoy your works of art, you are doing this for yourself. You are creating because you were born to create. 


You are creating because your soul needs you to do it to keep your world spinning.





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