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Welcoming a New Season
Kaveesh & Naaz Wedding by Dimar
Aug 2020

Have you ever wondered what Spring and Autumn would feel, if seasons like them had emotions like we do? I mean, people seem to like Summer so much that they prepare for it long before it comes. People count down the days until Summer starts. People work out more or eat more healthy food to achieve that Summer glow. 


We treat Winter the same way, too. We pray for the day that we get to see snow, we long for the day we can get together with our families. We look forward to when shops lower their prices for their Winter specials and get our wallets ready to buy our loved ones special presents for the season. 


But what about Spring and Autumn? We’ve been seeing them as these “transitory” seasons, the seasons “in between”. It is as if Summer and Winter are the main seasons, and Spring and Autumn are the temporary ones that we wish to pass quickly.


Seasons shouldn’t just pass, though. They should be lived.


How many times do we find ourselves waiting to get to “there”, not knowing that where we are now was also our idea of “there” in the past? We keep on waiting for the next big thing in life, looking to what is ahead, that we forget to make the most out of today. 


What if there’s more to the seasons in our lives that seem fleeting? What if we don’t have to spend our whole lives waiting


What if we don’t have to wait for all the answers to start taking action? What if we don’t have to wait for an ideal circumstance to start living our lives to the fullest? 


Like, what if we don’t have to wait for certainty to love someone wholly?


That is what we believe. We believe that, although seasons change, love stays the same. And that alone is worth celebrating. What if we don’t have to wait and watch this season pass right in front of our eyes? What if we can understand what we can’t control, use our strength to adapt, and celebrate love in an excitingly new way? 


No matter what form the celebration takes, you can always trust love. Love knows a way to make any celebration just as magical, as memorable, and as beautiful as it can be.






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