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Question Marks
Bride-to-be Portrait of Cornelia Wivina by Fen
Jul 2020

As human beings, we crave for security. The security of knowing, the security of understanding, the security of health, finances and relationships. Yet most of the time, don’t we find ourselves having no idea of how our next steps are going to look like? Unknown clouds and fogs of uncertainties tend to hover around. They lead to changes that we may or may not be prepared for or expect.

The current state of the world during the pandemic situation has reminded us once again that we can do so much planning, yet life will still be a canvas that can only be filled as we go. We can prepare all the brushes and paints beforehand, imagining how it would turn out, but the result will still be a big question mark.

During times of uncertainties, aches arise when our responses to uncertainty are adamant and controlling. The more we try to avoid the distress and stick to old ways, the less we’re able to effectively and creatively handle the situation. Uncertainties may seem intimidating, but try to remember this: While uncertainties can make unfavourable events worse, it can also make positive events feel more special.

In the wedding industry, the pandemic has given a lot of question marks for couples to decide on how they will celebrate their wedding. If you are a bride-/groom-to-be and you’re reading this, know that however it is, your wedding will still be as awesome. Whether it is postponed for 2 years, or you choose to go for the smaller-scale option, do so with a cheerful heart. Focus on what truly matters: why you are doing this and what you are celebrating.

Uncertainty is a part of life that can never be avoided. Life is never perfect, and as humans, we are called to adapt and adjust throughout different seasons. While uncertainty can become giants that evoke doubts and fears, it can also create unique twists in life that remind us to cherish moments and grow. How you decide to view uncertainty lies within your hands.




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