Photography : Portraiture
I Am Enough
Devina Portraiture by Herna
Jul 2020

You are enough. Sometimes, we read this and we think, yes, okay, I am enough. But, honestly, we keep on falling into the same trap of lack and insecurity over and over again. We claim that we need more things to keep us happy, we work hard because we predict that what we have right now will not suffice for the future ahead of us. Our daily strive is based on this thinking, that we are always lacking


We say that it’s human nature to never be satisfied with what we already own. But sometimes, we forget that the key to our happiness is simply in how we think. 


We live in a world where everyone is required to share with or give to one another. As children, we were taught to be generous, to learn to share with other people. Our parents told us that we would find joy if we gave generously to others, leaving no room for envy or quarrelling to seep into our relationships.


But the question is, how do we truly give if we think that we are always in lack? How do we give what we do not have in the first place? We see the consequences everywhere — people giving competitively, people giving merely to appear generous, people giving with ulterior motives, people giving out of insecurity.


There is an unexplainable kind of joy in giving, but not if we think that we don’t have enough for ourselves. We wouldn’t experience this happiness in full if we gave out of a mindset of lack. So, how can we truly give


By first appreciating what we already have, and give out of this gratitude mentality.


Abundance mentality is the term for it. The famous writer, Stephen R. Covey, wrote that, “An abundance mentality springs from internal security, not from external rankings, comparisons, opinions, possessions, or associations.” An abundance mentality is what we need to unlock gratitude, happiness, and growth in our lives. 


Imagine if everyone around us started to believe that they were enough and that they had enough. No one would have trust issues, hardened hearts, or high impenetrable walls. Everyone would be free of obligations, free of fear, and only love to freely give.


Try believing it the next time you say to yourself, that you are enough, and that you have all you need to move forward. Now go share a part of you to the world, and find the beauty in everywhere you sow. 





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