Photography : Portraiture
In My Mother’s Arms
Elissa & Mom Portraiture by Herna
Jun 2020

Imagine standing under a warm shower that melts away all your tense muscles, washing away all the burden of your day. Or, imagine the comfort of your bed at night after a day of hard work. Imagine cooking instant noodles late at night, or eating a bowl of cereal first thing in the morning, right when hunger strikes the hardest. Imagine what it feels like to be home.


But home isn’t just where you lay your head, is it? It’s also the inside jokes you share with your closest friends, the sharing of your deepest secrets and deepest hurts with one another. Home is where your heart lays bare. It is where you get to be who you really are without having to receive or expect the judgment of those around you.


If that’s the case, then our first ever home when we first arrived in this world would be the loving arms of our mother. We might not even remember the first time we cried, but our mothers do. In fact, she held us close to her chest and let us hear her heartbeat until our crying ceased. 


And now that we’re older, her arms are still our one true home.


We can always run to her, in reality or even in our prayers. In our times of pain, she will always be there to comfort us even if she’s miles away. Her loving hands will embrace us tight, her soothing voice will calm our raging storm. Her ears will listen but her eyes will not judge. 


And her heartbeat will always remind us that, no matter what the world says about us, we will always be her precious little daughter.




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