Photography : She Said Yes
This Love is Ours
Carey & Joyce Prewedding by Donny Wu
Jun 2020

In life, it does not feel nice to be lost, aimless, directionless, or purposeless. For some, it is their greatest fear to feel this way. This is why we write our to-do lists on a daily basis, why we write in our planners on a weekly basis, and jot down our resolutions at the beginning of each year. To the ambitious ones, they’ll have a vision board up on their wall, visualising how they would want their year to look like. 


If this much effort is put into our own lives, shouldn’t we do the same in our relationships? Because direction and purpose are the fundamentals of every relationship, shouldn’t our relationships be given a vision, too?


There is such a thing as a “Relationship Vision”. It is the deliberate process of deciding what to expect in a relationship, identifying the direction, values, and goals of the relationship. 


Clarity in the direction, values, and goals of your relationship will help you walk with intention throughout the journey. Intentionality strengthens and brings value to whatever it is that you create. And so, the intentionality with which you build your relationship is the thing that will sustain it. 


But most importantly, a shared vision in a relationship strips the self-centeredness away and replaces it with a great sense of togetherness. Establishing a relationship vision helps you realise that you are a part of a team, a “we” instead of a “you and I”, that works towards achieving the same goals. 


Having a vision in a relationship does not take the fun out of it. Quite the contrary, a relationship vision allows you to grow deeper in your love into areas of greater commitment, into areas of greater intimacy. 





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