Videography : She Said Yes
Just Like a Dream
Sam An & Lim Ing Prewedding Film by Dimar
Jun 2020

Everyone has a dream travel destination, whether it’s wandering the streets of Marrakesh, exploring the waters in Bora Bora, or seeing the Northern Lights in Finland…



Yes, Finland.


Even if you’ve never dreamt of going to Finland, you most likely have dreamt of going to some place like Finland. Finland is a place where nature is displayed in its ultimate perfection – where the sky is perfectly blue, the snow is perfectly white, the evergreen trees perfectly green. And even with its paramount perfection, Finland still gives us a little surprise from time to time, the Northern Lights.


A pre wedding shoot in Finland is a dream come true, and this might even still be an understatement. Despite its cold weather and short days (Finland only gets 3 hours of sunlight per day!), the scenery that Finland presents can defeat all the sense of tiredness in one’s soul. It presents the kind of scenery that you would really want to capture, the kind of scenery that you would want to keep in your heart forever. It makes you want to remember all the moments you’ve spent with your loved ones there, it makes you want to go through the experience all over again, to fall in love all over again.


Being in a place so perfect, you can’t help but fall in love, not just with the place itself, but with life. And when you fall in love with life, you’ll start to dream again. You’ll start to see things in a different way, you’ll start to have hope that life is, indeed, beautiful, especially when you live it with the ones you love. Without love, all sense of appreciation is lost. Even the most beautiful places, like Finland, won’t appear beautiful to those who do not believe in love.


So, in the midst of your ordinary–or maybe chaotic–life, don’t forget to love. Because love is the source of all hope, beauty, and dreams.






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