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A Whole New World
Jordy & Catherine Prewedding and Wedding by Aldo
Jun 2020

If there was one thing we all had in common, it would be this: that we are all not immune to hardships. As long as we live, troubles and storms are bound to come our way. Is this good or bad news, though? Like they say, a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor, right?


When storms strike, we tend to wish for it to be over as soon as possible. All we want is to go back to our “normal” and hope for things to return to the way they were before the storm came, hoping for what has passed to repeat itself. 


But there’s one slight thing we’re missing: that storms can change things. Storms don’t just come and go, they sometimes move things around as they pass you by. It may seem disruptive, but what if they come to clear your path?


At the end of a dark season is a new beginning.


At the end of a tunnel is a whole new world, we only have to choose to look at it all with wonder


Wonder – it’s the thing that helps you laugh when you see no way out. It’s the breeding ground for creativity and a fertile soil for joy. Wonder is the magical force that will not only get us through the storm, but make sure we get out the other side in victory.


Instead of looking backwards and hoping to get back to normal, let’s look forward with wonder to the birth of a whole new world. And in this in-between space is where we are given the opportunity to reflect and select what we’ll take with us into this new world. We are allowed to strip off the unnecessary baggage we’ve been carrying, old habits that just don’t work anymore. We are allowed to recalibrate our systems and our focus, so that we will be able to enter this whole new world with fresh eyes and a clean slate.


But wherever you find yourself – whether it’s in the eye of the storm or on the other side of victory – make sure you go through it all with the people you love beside you. As tempting as it may be to isolate and retreat into yourself during tough times, connection with others is what gives meaning to life. Connection is the source of wonder


Never lose the wonder.





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