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A Story of Pregnancy & Birth During Pandemic
by Vania
Jun 2020


If there is one thing we can all agree, it’s that the Covid-19 pandemic is a confusing time. Top that with expecting a baby or giving birth, it’s an entirely different level of puzzle altogether. We understand that parents everywhere must be nervous, overwhelmed or even fearful of the uncertainties.


To help you cope, we asked around and have gathered a few useful pointers. Here are a few things we’d like to share in hope that you stay sane through out:

1. Some things are out of your control, and that’s okay.


As your maternal instincts heightened during pregnancy, you may feel restless and uneasy. This is normal because everyone wants to have a sense of control, or at least an assurance that everything will be alright. This is where we really encourage mommies to talk to your spouse, other family members, as well as your doctor, so that you know you’re in safe hands. This way, you can calm down your nerves while still doing your best in the situation.

While you may not control everything, know that you can still control the nutritions given to your baby, the best maternal care accessible, and a whole lot of love. For now, it’s not just more than enough; It’s everything.


2. You’re not alone. 


There are hundreds if not thousands of expecting parents or new parents who are in the same boat all around the globe. This pandemic shift has left them just as anxious and clueless. By understanding this, you’ll know that you’re not alone and something must have been done to prioritize mommies all over the world. It always helps to confide in your expecting-friends who are currently going through the same thing too.

3. Expect different play rules


You may not be able to visit your doctor as frequently. You will have to change your birth plan. The hospital may look different. The birthing set up may be different. Numbers of visitors reduced. More strict protocols may be brought in.


Yes, these are the new normal for expecting mothers, but they exist for a reason. To keep everyone safe and healthy. The sooner you can come to terms with these facts, we believe that you’ll feel less shocked and prepared. Hence, you’ll gain more power and control as days pass.


4. What the science says


WHO has a great list of Q&A on pregnancy and childbirth that you can read up on. Basically, there is no evidence that pregnant mothers are at higher risk of severe illness. There is also evidence that c-section is required to deliver safely. Last but not least, follow the standard preventive measures such as frequent handwashing, practicing respiratory hygiene and other routines to protect yourself and your baby.


5. Safety always


All around the world, medical care has taken a step up in ensuring the health and safety of everyone involved, Covid or not. This also applies to hospitals and clinics in our country where temperature checking, handwashing and social distancing are practiced throughout. With these steps designed to keep us safe, have faith and always say to yourself, “I am safe. My baby is safe.”

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