Photography : She Said Yes
You Are Loved
Grayson & Yevia Prewedding by Aha
May 2020

“Why me?” you ask. Countless mistakes and insecurities fill your head on a daily basis. And yet, this one crazy person chooses to love you and stick with you regardless. You wonder, what is it about yourself that is so… desirable to someone else?


Perhaps, there is no perfect answer to this. If someone loved you for your actions or efforts, what would happen if you stopped striving? If someone loved you for your attitudes and behaviours, what would happen if you changed? If someone wanted you for who you are, what would happen if it turned out that you’ve never really known yourself? 


Maybe it is enough to just accept the fact that you are loved, and simply let it seep into the deepest corners of your heart. Love does not need many excuses to be shown and felt, it does not need a perfect heart to start with. Love looks out for the broken but humble heart that knows how much it is in need of love.


When you start asking, “why me?” know that it will do nothing but have you stuck in a spiral that will eventually lead you to despair, because you will sooner or later find the flaw in your train of thought. More often than not, the reason for someone’s love is beyond words. So, instead, ask yourself, “How can I accept this love?” 


Trust the decision that someone has made to give you their all, and then do the same for them. Acknowledge your worth without questioning others’ affection for you. Cherish the love that you have received. You are loved not because you are perfect, but you are loved right now, as you are, in the process of being healed and made whole. 





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