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Breathing Room
Tom & Alice Wedding Trailer by Robb
May 2020

In most works of art, one element that makes them all the more interesting is the element of tension and release. In movies and stories, we see this tension as conflicts arise, reach their peak, and finally release as they find their resolution. In songs, the tension is often expressed in the pre-chorus, leading to a satisfying release in the chorus itself.


Without this element of tension and release, everything would seem flat, monotonous, and uninteresting. The beauty lies within the tension and release. The existence of tension followed by a release triggers the heart, making us feel all the wonderful emotions as we enjoy that particular piece of art. 


Have you ever thought that relationships are like art, too? That, in order to keep being alive, a relationship needs a kind of tension and release? Not by playing games though, but by giving space.


Space for longing keeps the relationship going. This space is like the tension before the release. By giving your relationship the space and time it needs, both you and your partner will have a chance to breathe — a breathing room. It gives you a chance to miss each other, to reprioritize, and to detox all the negativities that are eating your relationship away from under your nose.


Holding this space in your relationship helps you readjust the pace in which you are going. It slows you down and awakens you to see the little things that are worth your attention. By creating this breathing room, you are holding the tension and staying hopeful for the waves of release that will come — making the relationship less draining and a lot more liberating. 


Whenever you feel like suffocating, perhaps you’re pursuing too much. Perhaps, you’ve crossed your own limits. Whenever you feel like suffocating, create a space for longing. A chance to miss and to be missed. That way, you will eliminate the endless striving and, at the same time, harness strength for the days and challenges to come in your relationship. 


Always remember that there is a time for everything: a time to pursue, and also a time to take a breather.




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