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5 Lessons We’ve Learned From Social Distancing
by Keefe
Apr 2020


At first we’re afraid. We’re petrified… No, this is not a rendition of Gloria Gaynor’s dance hit I Will Survive, but it has the same message of survival and more.

For many of us, the shock of the outbreak and social distancing order came in different waves. Initially, there was chaos or disorder, which then grew into anxiety, stress, helplessness and so on. But now that we’re several weeks into the quarantine, there’s a sense of normalcy that’s creeping back in. Slowly but surely, a lot of us are beginning to embrace the new routines set by the pandemic.

Before we go even more comfortably into our current condition or before the world returns into the rush it once was,


We’d like to take a moment and share the 5 things we’ve learned during social distancing thus far :
  • Never take things for granted

Now that hand shaking is forbidden, face-to-face is dangerous and everything physical is lethal, we learned to not take anything for granted. Living in a modern world, we’re so used to having a sense of entitlement. Be it another person, the environment, our health, our choices, and our freedom, we rarely appreciate these important things in our lives until they are gone or broken. When this is all over, let’s put gratitude for the big things, small things, and everything in between.


  • Humanity prevails

Since the start of the pandemic, our news is filled with worrisome hoaxes and false information. But it doesn’t take long to see how the world stands up and helps each other. We see how countries band together or our own government continues to prioritize the sake of the people. Even on a personal scale, our timeline is filled with calls for donation, ongoing charities, and heartwarming stories. This is a lesson of hope and compassion, we shall not forget.


  • Alone, not lonely.

You’d think that with the virus, people will try to stay as far away from each other as possible. It turns out to be the exact opposite.

We’ve seen people continue to have responsible gatherings while distancing, drive-through birthdays or weddings, socializing using various video platforms, long-drive family visits for windows peek, and all sorts of togetherness happening. We learned that being alone doesn’t have to be lonely, as long as we’re doing it together.


  • Family remains a priority

Being stuck is no fun, but there are no better people we wish to get stuck with other than our own family. The silver lining during the quarantine is that we get to spend more time with them, in a way that’s not possible before.

For working parents, this is the best chance ever to really get a taste of that home life you’ve been craving for. For stay-at-home parents too, remember, they say a pandemic happens every 100 year! Please, savor every second of it.


  • Time doesn’t stop

This was true then, and it’s truer now. Recovering from the shock of pandemic, we learned that the sun continues to rise and goes down – without hesitation, without fail. Our children continue to grow, right before our very eyes. Too fast too soon!

Seeing this, we know that there’s no time to waste. It’s always time to make the best out of every situation, instead of being down. Go on with your plans, get things done, work around the situation, and don’t forget, make every moment count.

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