Photography : Portraiture
To Be Loved In Return
Sienny & Pets Portraiture by Fen
Apr 2020

Remember the feeling when you first got your pets? What crossed your mind? 



Maybe, you thought that you would take care of him/her with all your heart, and take all responsibility for the mistakes that they make. Yes, they might cause trouble or even make your expenses double. They might take up a lot of your time and attention. They litter, they wreck, and they can get on your nerves from time to time.


Or, maybe, you vowed to yourself that you would love them no matter how naughty they get… because, can you even get mad at those cute puppy eyes?


But, when you first got them, little did you know that they would be the ones to hold you when you’re feeling blue. Little did you know that they were the ones to cheer you up whenever you feel like giving up. These little souls — they seem to know what love is more than you do. Their naive but generous hearts are the cure to your heartache.


Do you believe now that there has always been a hole in your heart that only your beloved pets can fill? Did you expect that such a small creature would open the eyes of your heart in ways you never would have imagined? Did your faith in the existence of love get restored after having known this kind of love? 


These little ones, they hold the key to unconditional love. Just when you thought you knew how to love them better, they came to you during your darkest nights to snuggle up to you, offering you their warmest touch. Just when you thought that your love to them was going to be unrequited, they surprise you with unrelenting loyalty, showing you how much you mean to them.


Now you know for sure that, to be loved by them in return is a feeling you would never trade for anything else in the world. 





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