An Interlude that Pauses the World by AXIOO
Apr 2020

best we can do right now is to give the best we can to protect each other by staying at home, to strengthen each other even though we’re physically distant. It is during times like this that we must unite our voices and pour out love to those who need it most. 


This is an honest message

That you may take into consideration


Humans have their tendencies

When it comes to facing crises


Yes, we all need soap

But hoarding is a big nope


Now’s not the time to hold hands

So this season can sooner end


Let’s take these times seriously

And not mess around carelessly


Don’t let people frown on you

Because of the apathy that you grew


Your right and your left need protection

Let’s do our best together


There’s a light at the end of this tunnel

That we can reach if we work together


Let’s encourage one another in isolation

To go through all the hurdles and temptation


One day, this will all be a memory

One day, we’ll all go forth in victory


For those who feel confused

There will be a time of progress


For those with loved ones to miss

There will be a time of meeting


For those waiting to tie the knot

There will be a time when you hear the wedding bells


Come, let us help finish this race fast

So that tomorrow we can all raise our glass!





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