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Pandemic Parenting : It’s Okay to Not be Okay
by Vania
Apr 2020

Parents and children thrive on routines. The planned daily schedules are a big part of what normalizes the crazy parenting lives. And believe it or not, kids – particularly toddlers– with sets of routines also tend to grow up to be smarter, kinder and more disciplined.


However, with the pandemic still looming on us, gone is our carefully planned world. Schools as we know them are closed. Children are running loose, and parents are left to defend the household mostly by themselves. Simply said, lives are no longer what they seem, both on the health and economic sides.

Impossible as it may sound, we’ve unlocked a whole ‘nother level of parenting difficulty that we never knew existed before.

During these stressful times, we just want to take a moment to appreciate you – parents- who are still fighting on despite it all. We want you to take a look at the bright sides of things, as a gentle reminder that maybe it’s not so bad afterall!



True, schools are closed. But with the help of teachers and parents, technology has allowed many of our kids to resume education – no matter how limited or insufficient it may seem. In fact, it has introduced the new prospect of homeschooling, a concept that many of us are unfamiliar with until now. Surely, if all goes well, parents may have a new option to consider when it comes to their kids’ learning journey.


Now that we’re weeks into the quarantine, many of us have also settled into a new rhythm of work-life balance. It may not be as smooth or pleasant as we wish it to be, but let’s not forget to say thanks for still having an income and being able to provide for our families. More importantly, we have the most valuable wealth of all – our health.

For everything that we still have at the moment, maybe things can’t be as perfect – but we need to make the best of things.


Don’t see it as your old routines being taken away, instead, see it as having new ones restored. Such change of perspective is very simple, but surprisingly effective!


To manage stress, it’s also crucial for the adults to know that everyone is in this together. While we can no longer sneak out for mommy or daddy times, kids too lose the joy of meeting with their extended families or socializing with friends. Playgrounds are off-limits and going out is confined to just our humble front yards. Our kids’ stress is just as real as ours.


So while you are parenting during the pandemic, recognize that you too are human, as are your children. You all deserve moments of weakness – as long as you’re doing your best at keeping things going. If anyone in the family, baby or adult, needs an extra kiss, longer hugs or being sensitive, don’t fuss or stress over it.

At the end of the day, restoring routines is not as important as installing human connections, empathy and kindness.


Starting now, throw your strict rules or tight schedules out the window, because we need each other now, more than ever. Remember, some things are out of our control, but we can always help each other feel safe under one roof – even when the world outside isn’t.

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