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Lessons From The Outside World
Prewedding of Damario & Amel by Ivan
Apr 2020

The stress of packing, the hassle at the airport, flight anxiety, and other unfortunate mishaps. Just reading about these makes it feel so stressful! But thankfully, travelling isn’t at all about any of these. Sometimes, with travelling, it’s not even what happens in the moment that sticks to our heads. It’s the memories and the lessons we brought home with us that stays within our hearts. 


When we travel, we get inspired. Dreams, desires, and ideas are birthed into our imagination. When we travel, our inner world changes — we learn new things, discover new realities, and we return back home with a newfound perspective, looking at things differently. 


Travelling is about seeing places that other people take for granted. It is about seeing, with eyes filled with awe, the wonders of places that the locals have long abandoned. Imagine the places a tourist would go to in your home country — how often do you actually go to that same place? Because, the tourist would say, “If I lived here, I would come here everyday.”


The hidden coffee shops, the charming alleys, the glimmering skylines — the beauty of these are sometimes taken for granted by those who walk down the alley a hundred times a day. In a way, travelling teaches us to be grateful for the things that we have, the things that are right in front of our eyes. May those things/people never lose its beauty in your eyes and minds.


Travelling is about making memories. Time seems to slow down when we’re travelling. We happen to slow down, too. It is as if our brains recognise our need to capture every moment, to make the most out of every itinerary or every opportunity. 


So, why do we travel? Because travelling feels like magic… And these days, travelling is a privilege, a dream that has yet to come true. While we can sometimes feel stuck behind our laptops, our desks, our doors, or our responsibilities, remember all the lessons that our travels have once taught us: 


Renew your minds constantly. Dream bigger. Never take anything for granted. Make the most out of what life has given you.


So that when you get the chance to step out of the mundane and travel again, you’ll be more receptive and more than ready to receive new hopes, dreams, and visions for the future.




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