Videography : Tying The Knot
It’s Kind of Radical
Same Day Edit of Garick & Berlin by Dimar
Apr 2020

It’s kind of radical that when our eyes meet, our hearts instinctively tell us that we’re finally home. It’s kind of radical how you love me genuinely, unconditionally… and radically. Genuine, as you always give a part of yourself without asking anything in return. Unconditional, as you don’t lay out prerequisites for me to access your heart. Radical, because you just love no matter what. You choose to accept me just as I am. You just accept and love — that’s just what you do.


It’s kind of radical, the way that I can just be who I truly am in your presence. No hiding, no sugar-coating, no pretense, just my raw and authentic self. I have found that not everyone can handle me at my rawest state, yet you choose to love and accept me for who I am right now. You are in love, not with your idea or expectation of who I will become, but the reality of who I am in the present. You give me space to grow as I choose to grow, letting go all those bits of me you can’t control. 


All the ways that you love me are perfect, though I am not. You show me what it feels like to be truly admired, though I am flawed. At times I don’t feel worthy of this, you remind me how beautiful grace is:


That it doesn’t matter whether I am perfect, flawed, or complex, your radical love is just waiting there, waiting for me to realise that it is not only for the areas of my life that are put-together. But your love is for me in spite of my weaknesses. Should I be at the peak of the mountain or hiding deep into a cave, your love will still find me there. You are not afraid to love more than you think you can. And that, that is just truly revolutionary. 





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