Photography : Tying The Knot
Love Prevails
The Wedding of Calvin & Herna by Aha
Apr 2020

Herna has been a part of Axioo family since 2012. Her timeless, yet alive shots as an Axioo photographer have coloured wonders. Her works are honest and genuine, they reveal emotions and character. This is easily believed — as when she’s off the camera, she is a gentle and loving soul. Her warmth always fills up the room. Now that she has found a partner for life, we would like to give the sincerest congratulations.

Herna, if you’re reading this, we treasure you dearly.

You can view some of Herna’s works here:


Oh, and aren’t you curious of Calvin & Herna’s love story? Herna has shared to us a glimpse of it and it surely is a wonderful one.


How did you and Calvin meet?

Calvin and I met through Tinder, and we chatted for a while before we set out on a first date. I’m usually easily annoyed/turned off by guys in general, but there was something different about Calvin — thank God we instantly clicked! And everything else in the process was so smooth, it felt like the path had already been prepared for the both of us.

As time went by, our relationship felt more and more serious. I had even told Calvin that I no longer have time for playing games, that I wanted a serious relationship. In my head I had thought that, if Calvin rejected this notion of entering into a serious relationship, I must tell myself that I’m okay with that and try to end this relationship.

So, without delay, we arranged our first meeting at a mall somewhere in the west side of Jakarta. My first impression? Well, in real life, he seemed a bit quiet. But I really loved talking to him. I remember, for our first date, we decided to watch “Wonder”. An unforgettable movie to accompany an unforgettable moment.


How did he officially ask you to be his girlfriend?

I think we made it clear since the beginning that we both want this, a serious relationship, that this was our destination.

Calvin’s the type of guy who somewhat “goes with the flow”, the type of guy who doesn’t see the need to ask the other person out formally. But I wanted to be asked out… so I asked him to do it for me. It was supposed to be on Valentine’s day, which was on a weekend, but my schedule was packed. So he ended up sending me a letter and a Valentine’s day gift. The following Wednesday was when he blurted the words “will you be my girlfriend,” officially asking me out!! We dated for almost two years before he proposed to me.


Speaking of the proposal, how did it all go?

There was a lot going on in his head, he had so many different plans of how or where the proposal is going to take place… but we wound up eating ketoprak near my house and he proposed afterwards. I absolutely had no clue that he would propose to me that day. Prior to all this I used to tease him… Calvin would tease about marriage and I would say, “where’s the ring?” Even at the time of the proposal I continued to tease him saying, “that’s just an empty box right?” And then I couldn’t help but cry.


Can you tell us about your wedding preparation?

I think if I only had the wedding prep to think about I would have gotten everything done so much faster. However, the reality is, I had to balance work and my wedding prep. Because I work at Axioo, my standards for my own wedding are pretty high, which made me really picky. But if I could give other people a word of advice, I would say just take it lightly and don’t push anything, or you’ll get stressed. The whole wedding prep journey is supposed to be exciting and enjoyable. In my own experience, as I got closer to the wedding date, I became a lot more relaxed and opted for anything that just fit the budget, just to get things done.

In the end, I really enjoyed the wedding because of the people in it. I invited those who were really close to me. It was a beautiful and intimate night.


What was it like being photographed by Aha?

Oh, Aha was just super helpful! It was like he doubled as my wedding organizer. There was this one situation that left us all panicking: there were supposed to be these little sparklers that lit up as the bride and groom entered the room, but it started late. A friend of mine told me what Aha did to manage this problem. Overall, I felt really supported by Aha. He was very professional… he didn’t burden anyone but instead was the problem solver in our situation.


What does it feel like being married now?

People always say to me, “don’t be shocked if you find different sides of your partner that you’ve never seen before, the qualities that only become apparent once you live together.” Well, so far, there hasn’t been anything too shocking or surprising about him. I’ve been enjoying our time together. Especially with the whole social distancing thing going on, I feel grateful that I can spend more time with him at home.


What does Axioo mean to you?

In one word: Everything. Joining Axioo was a dream come true for me. I had always admired Axioo even before I joined the team. My favorite part of working there is definitely the people and also the work itself.


Has Axioo helped you believe in love?

For sure. I was an avid reader of Axioo’s blog. I read other people’s love stories, thoughts on relationships, etc. These blogs have helped me regain hope in a world where there are so many failed relationships or marriages. They made me believe that every love story is different and that the journey isn’t always smooth — but love still prevails.





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