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She’s a Keeper
Portraits of Helena & Sasa by Herna
Apr 2020

Why were we given the gift of sisters?

Perhaps we couldn’t see it back then. There were times when we thought that we were stuck with our own family — those times when we wished we could’ve selected the family we were born into. Remember being hot with anger when your sister as she took something of yours without asking? Remember those times you felt small when the spotlight that you wanted fell on her instead of you? Remember those days you felt like a loser in the shadow of your sister?

Within those moments, our emotions might have been real to us. We might have had thoughts of wanting to hate our sisters forever because we thought we could never move past this problem. But as we grew up, we learned that those moments did nothing to us but helped us understand each other better. At one point, those hard moments were moments we could laugh at, wondering why something so silly could cause us to lose ourselves back then.

While there are those memories, there are also the other ones — that time she was there hugging you tight as you go through your first breakup. The time she would play make-believe as your favourite cartoon character alongside you, when you actually got to live out your dream life even for just a minute. The time she took the blame for something you did and took the punishment when she didn’t deserve it. The time when it felt like it was just the both of you against the world.

Having a sister means having someone to go back to for the rest of your lives. She is someone who understands you like no other person could… maybe you even have a secret language that literally no one else understands. Someone to look up to, someone to talk to about everything. A sister is like a “human diary”, they say. She is someone you feel the safest with, the most at home with. Our sisters were given to us, and perhaps it is our duty to keep her safe within our sight.

Sisterhood is eternal. It is about raising each other up, crowning each other with beauty and encouragement, as long as you both live.




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