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Your Stories Continue With #BabyAxi-Go
by William Xu
Apr 2020


Who here still finds it surreal to be living in the midst of pandemic? Everyday we wake up and have to remind ourselves that things are a little different than usual – all (no) thanks to the outbreak.


We understand that you may be feeling quite at loss, uninspired, frustrated or even lonely during quarantine. But we’re here to remind you that you’re not alone and this too shall pass. More importantly, there are still many amazing things you can do to keep the fighting spirit!


Our confidence is not without reasons. During this difficult time, we have learned that human relationships is a powerful thing.

The need for each other resonates louder than before. The desire to stay connected is stronger than ever.

This undeniable fact fuels us with hope and encouragement, so much that we’re inspired to do whatever we can, however we can to connect with people around us.


Those fleeting newborn moments? That precious childhood innocence? Family bond during time of challenge? There are things in life that are literally once in a lifetime. No do-overs. No stopping or rewinding the hands of time. So yes, if we have to go the extra mile to preserve the memories, our vote is yes and a thousand times yes.


So consider this as a call to fight against the virus, as we’re raising up the photography value for our beloved clients. Introducing our newest feature “BABY AXI-GO”! It is our mobile service package that will enable you to enjoy the happiness of family photography – no fuss, hassle free and completely zero worry. Everyone can be safe at home, while we bring the studio to you!

No milestone goes unrecorded, no precious smile goes unnoticed and no family moments are missed. Don’t put a pause on things you can’t stop, just let your stories continue with Baby Axioo.

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