Photography : Portraiture
The Dream Team
Kenisha WO Group Shot by Ivan
Apr 2020

Some people dream of working with a group of people whom they can call family. Some people can only imagine going to work without having to dread Mondays, or Tuesdays… or every single day of the week. Some people can only fantasise about having a strong bond between colleagues so that their teamwork can feel a lot more bearable. 


For Kenisha, all of this is a reality. Kenisha is a team of wedding organizers who make couples’ dreams come true by being the dream team themselves. Their chemistry as a group, which they’ve built throughout the years, is contagious even to their clients. They make them feel comfortable, happy, and at peace. Having known them and worked with them for years, we now see that their love and care for each other goes beyond the lines of professionalism. They really treat each other like a big loving family.


Teamwork isn’t simply shared work — it’s shared trust, respect, and affection. It’s more than just about sharing the burden, it’s about lifting each other up and helping each other out. It’s not about having the best leader or manager, because solid teams aren’t just made up of great team leaders, but also great team players. Teamwork is saying “none of us can do this on our own”, and realising that we were placed in the same space to complement each other. 


All this might be common knowledge to you, so here is where we let you in on a secret: a dream team doesn’t just celebrate their victories together, nor do they just focus on the big wins. Dream teams celebrate small wins, too. And, more importantly, they do not deny the presence of obstacles, whether it be a collective or personal struggle. Like in traditional wedding vows, “for better or for worse”, the same applies to a solid team. They are there for each other on each others’ best and worst days. 


Every team will go through highs and lows — that’s just the cycle of life in general. But, at the end of the day, what matters most is that you come out stronger as a team after all the pressing. 





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