Strong and Resilient
A Message for the World in the Midst of COVID-19 by AXIOO
Apr 2020


“You can crush my legs

But not my dreams

You can paralyse my hands

But not my dreams

You can steal my smile

But only for a while

You can tear my heart apart

But I know how to pick it back up

Strong people, that’s us

Resilient souls, that’s us”


In this season, the world seems to be spinning slower on its axis. Our whole systems have temporarily sunken deep into the unknown, surrounding us with many uncertainties, delays, or even cancellations. 


But, fear not, because seasons change. Although it is important for us to be informed with the latest news and information, we sometimes need to redirect our eyes and look at the right things, too. To take our eyes off the screens and look at the books we haven’t set our eyes on for a while. To look at the people in our house who we haven’t had eye contact with for so long. To look up at the sky and soak up as much of that vitamin D as we can while we’re not stuck behind our desks. 


Look at the beauty around you. Look after your own wellbeing, but also look to others, because when we look to each other — that’s how we find strength. In this season, we can save the world by staying at home, and we can also save the world by giving strength to the people we know are struggling. Give as much of it as we can, while we have some extra time on our hands.


With that, we have made this special video and we hope this could put a smile on your face. For those who would like to do the same — to take action, lend a hand, and forward some kindness. Here, we’ve compiled a list of platforms you might want to consider.

Your kindness and empathy will be strongly felt by the parties in need. They might not be able to express their gratitude directly to you, so please accept our gratitude for making the world a better place, even through your screens.





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