Photography : Portraiture
The Artistic Journey
Portraits of Roby Dwi Antono by Fen
Mar 2020

Originality, authenticity, innovation — the three words that shape Creatives’ lives. Creatives create new things, paving new paths for self-expression and for beauty on this earth. They communicate the incommunicable, assign beauty to the things that are broken, and help people make sense of the world.


With that mission, every Artist has been given their own unique shade of colour that they bring into the bigger picture. Some may even call it “style”. To create masterpieces, to affect people, and to change the world, Creatives must first set out on an artistic adventure and search for their own tone, their unique shade of colour. With every brush stroke against the blank canvas, they discover more and more about their shade. At first, their stroke of colour may look odd. It may be too bold, too thin, or too out of place. But, with the diligence to follow the path and the courage to always try something new, they will come to a point in which their true colours start to show within their strokes.


Are you the type of Creative who chooses to turn to nature to embark on a journey of finding your resources, to forage for pieces in nature that would fit into your marvelous artwork of human expression? Or do you turn inwards and look into yourself, tap into the untapped areas of your mind, heart, and experiences to connect to other people’s minds, hearts, and experiences? These are examples of the different colours that Artists may bring to the table. Even so, no colour is prettier or uglier than the other, all Creatives contribute their colours equally to the world. 


To pave the way for others on their journey of self-discovery, Creatives must continuously follow paths that have never yet been travelled and find their own colour. They must go through a process of feeling out of place, they must go through a season of finding their own colour, before they can shine their light and illuminate others’ lives who are dependent on them. 


Perhaps, the path less travelled will lead you to the hilltop where you can shine your light and illuminate the path for other people to walk on. 





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