Videography : She Said Yes
Today Is Always The Perfect Day
Prewedding Film & Same Day Edit of Jordy & Catherine by Robb
Mar 2020

Where will we be tomorrow? I can imagine us waking up on our king size to the view of palm trees and pools in a Balinese getaway. Or I can also imagine witnessing the first snowfall in South Korea with you by my side. I can picture us having a picnic under the Parisian city lights, sharing a plate of escargot while ordering a wine for two. In the mornings we can scour the mountains of the Swiss Alps, and return to our cozy cottage later that night and have a pillow fight. Tomorrow, we can be anywhere in the world and do anything we wish to do.


But what about today? Where do you want to be today, right here, and right now? Because we can imagine our tomorrow, but we can’t yet grasp it, let alone control it. And for the time being, all we have is today. Tomorrow will come with its own worries, so what about today?


Today, we can stay in each other’s arms, and I can find shelter as I rest my head on your chest. Today, you can tuck my head under your chin, keeping me safe and sound while no one else is around. At this moment, we can breathe in the very same air and be grateful that we are able to do so. Right now, we can look into each other’s eyes knowing that we have someone who truly loves us, who accepts us no matter what, who is ready to face whatever will come tomorrow with us. I’m glad I get to have you for the rest of my life. But, above all, I’m glad I get to have you by my side right now. 


Too much thinking about tomorrow can weigh us down, so why don’t you sweep me off my feet now and dance our worries away? We can save our love for tomorrow, but we can also spend it now. No other day is more perfect than today, no moment more precious than this very hour. 





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