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Are We There Yet?
Prewedding of Richie & Refina by Aldo
Mar 2020

A road trip is a “long and boring trip that eventually becomes memorable and fun through time,” or so Urban Dictionary says. Road trips are like naps — it’s something we used to dread when we were younger, but enjoy as we age.


When we were younger, all we could obsess about was the destination. Whether it be Disneyland or some random hidden beach, we couldn’t care less about what would happen in the car. Back then, all we thought about was “getting there” and what we were going to do when we reached our destination. We just couldn’t sit still, we couldn’t wait to get out of the car. In fact, we saw the drive to the destination as an interruption, as the only thing that hindered us from getting to where we wanted to be. One question that was a must-ask at the beginning of the ride was, “how long ‘til we get there?” Followed by a repetition of “are we there yet?” with 30 minute intervals in between each time the same question was asked. 


When we were younger, we had thought that all of life is about “getting somewhere”. But we never really gave much thought as to what would happen next once we actually got there.


As we age, we start to appreciate the journey of going on a road trip. In fact, when we talk about road trips, we’re not just thinking about the destination. We fantasize about what would happen in the car, what sort of conversations to be had, music to be listened to, snacks to be eaten. Nowadays, road trips seem to also be about the journey, not just the destination.


As we age, we see that life doesn’t start once we reach the top. Life’s a climb. If we only cared about the destination in life, we could waste a whole lifetime ‘waiting’ and not ‘living’.


Marriage is a journey, not a destination. Marriage is not the “goal” in life, neither do our lives only start after marriage. Marriage is the joining of two adventurers and a promise that from now on, the two will take every step forward in unison. You might have to walk through dark valleys, stumble upon a few roadblocks, but you will be together. In the words of Gary Thomas, “the joy of marriage isn’t that there are no more battles; it’s that you never have to face a battle alone”.





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