Videography : Tying The Knot
Love in Motion
Same Day Edit of Sean & Erecca by Kalvin Ananda
Mar 2020

My eyes see love, my ears hear the sounds of love: The nature, the skies, the peeking rays of light. The floral dress, the suit, walking along the shore barefoot. Skin to skin as I lean into your embrace. We smile, as the aisle we had been dreaming of was merely a few months away.


My body tingles to the sensation that comes out of the motion. The pictures. The notion that Love screams through the screens, that love can be felt and captured through a lense; A dense object portraying something so fluid and intangible — this is the mystery of Chemistry.


What I see gives me hope, what I see reminds me of the early beginnings. A concoction of nostalgia and yearning. Slowly learning to be inspired for the future by watching the past. A vast recollection of emotions that stirs up the desire in me to get to know that person in the frames once again. 


The impossibility to turn back time — I almost believed it was a crime. But what it really is, is a blessing in disguise. If we’d had the past within our grasp, we wouldn’t have found the courage to move forward. We wouldn’t see the reason to proceed with our current season and see through its completion.


This string of memories, in its full glory, was designed to leave you inspired. The purpose it serves is to propel you to build upon it; To act upon a foundation of love that you’ve already possessed, as is pictured. These frames invite you to embark on an adventure, to take your fractured hearts and vow to always be there for each other, no matter the imperfections. A promise of future affection. 


So that, in your sixties or seventies, the two of you could look back to these memories and say to one another: “Look at us, completely clueless as to what Love had in store for the both of us.”





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