Photography : Portraiture
Lesson from the Moon
Portraiture of Crystal by Herna
Mar 2020

Remember those nights in your bed when you would watch the moon and the hours go by, wondering if anybody would care that you exist? Or those times when your tears blended in with drops of water falling from the shower above your head because you felt unseen, undervalued, or unappreciated? Remember walking through the hallways with your head low because you thought you had no one to talk to?

Loneliness is a universal emotion — but it doesn’t have to be that way. We were all placed in this world with a desire, that is woven deep into our hearts, to find our place. To belong and be accepted for who we are and to find our people.

We all long for that place of security. A place for us to lay our heavy heads and hearts, a place for us to call home. A place where we feel taken care of, not taken for granted. We crave for people who can fill not just our calendars, but also our souls. We need real people who we can be real with. Genuine people who love us generously, demanding nothing in return.

Loneliness is a universal emotion — but it doesn’t have to control us. We get to be the generation to say that all this ends with us, that our desire for acceptance in society does not have to govern the well-being of our hearts.

The moment we realise that we can choose to stop striving to find our way to a place of belonging, is the moment that we are finally able to create that very place for others. Yes, it is up to us to bring unto earth the place we’ve always envisioned to be in our dreams.

Hold the doors of your heart open for others. See people through the eyes of empathy and love unconditionally. Create a safe place for others, because you know what it feels like to crave a place like that. Because once you know what it is that you want and stand firm on your values, the right people, the people with the same values as you… they will come.

Even the moon is alone, but still it shines to bring us hope through our darkest nights. So, everytime you feel lonely, look up at the moon, and remember why you were placed in this world for such a time as this.




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