Photography : She Said Yes
Love in Technicolor
Prewedding of Antonio & Vivi by Donny Wu
Feb 2020

Lanterns, rugs, and walls… the Moroccan landscape is washed over with rich and bold colors, illuminating every angle of the historical country with life and touching every corner of its alleyways with beauty. 


The colors breathe in a different kind of spirit to the cities of Morocco. Colors give them character, personality, a certain “je ne sais quoi” that can immediately lighten up your heart as you first lay your eyes on them.


Moroccan colors take your breath away, and replaces it with awe. Their colors give perspective, influence the soul, and describe the indescribable.


This is what colors do to our lives. And, like colors, this is what love does to our souls. It breathes its own spirit, brings in excitement to our lives and endless joy to our bland hearts. 


Have you ever thought about why colors exist? The science of color is still very vague and a huge mystery to humans. No one really knows whether colors exist outside of our physical bodies, or whether they are just a product of our own imaginations. Up until today, there still is no way for us to know whether you “red” is the same as my “red“. 


Maybe all of this is meant to remain a mystery, because all we really need to do with colors is to enjoy their presence. Perhaps, colors exist purely for our enjoyment, for our satisfaction. 


The same applies to love. Amidst all of our seriousness and our quest to find the truth about love, we need to remind ourselves that love also exists to be enjoyed. Love is no rocket science — it is still a divine mystery. It works in ways unknown to the human mind, but also in ways that are so satisfying to the human soul. 


If you happen to have love in your life, why don’t you take a second and get a good look at it, appreciate its presence. Because nothing in this world, really, can match the sense of magic love brings into our lives. 




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