Videography : She Said Yes
Finding Paradise
Prewedding of Sean & Erecca by Kalvin Ananda
Feb 2020

I was in search of a paradise, a place to call home. I travelled to places near and far, searched for a place I could imagine myself living in for the rest of my life. People said I was directionless, but I prefer the term “wanderlust”. People said that I was a bit all over the place, sometimes even out of place, but, honestly, I was just searching for the right place.


A place to belong, a place to be happy. A place that had always been in my dreams since I was a child, a place that kept coming back to my heart but one that I had never really seen or knew. 


In that place, I would feel warmth, joy, support, strength, but most of all, love. In that place, I would feel like I lack nothing. Instead, I would find the freedom that I have always longed for.


But in the midst of my travels, as I was busy studying my geography, you took a step into my life. An anthropology. So I stopped looking for home, and let home find his way into me.


And guess what? I finally found what I had been looking for all along. In him, I found paradise, a place that offers me happiness, despite all my circumstances. Getting to where I wanted to be or, in this case, who I wanted to be with wasn’t an easy journey. But, looking back, it was worth every brave step that I took.


To those of you who are still trying to find your place in this world, remember that what you’re looking maybe isn’t geographic. Start looking for people, because people’s hearts can become the coziest homes you’ll ever find in this world.





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