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Grow in Love
Prewedding of Boy & Karen by Fen
Feb 2020


Growing up. Did you fear growing up as a kid? Remember how we used to play and use a generous amount of our time just for the sake of our entertainment? 


Remember that time when we hit the age of “adolescence” and realised that soon, we would be adults. That, soon, we wouldn’t be able to go back to the days when we were safe and taken care of. We didn’t have to be afraid of getting hurt, of having to protect ourselves from a world filled with sharp objects (both literally and figuratively). 


I guess most of us don’t like growing up. It’s just confusing, uncomfortable. 

But inevitable. We can’t choose to not grow up, however much we want to. Somewhere along the way, we must accept the reality that we can only move forward and choose to grow mature. 


And so goes our relationship with love. To grow is to increase in our understanding and gradually change in our actions or behavior in order to match what we have understood. As we learn more and know more about love, our understanding of it changes a whole lot and our way of approaching it changes, too. 


We don’t just love for fun, for the sake of our entertainment. Love is about two whole individuals embarking on a journey together. It’s no longer just about fairytales, but it’s also about intentionally making decisions. It’s not just about chemistry, but also about taking responsibility for each of our own actions. 


The term “falling” in love makes being in love sound like a mistake or an interruption. When, in fact, true love is something we deliberately grow in. If not, then perhaps it is simply an attraction, not love. Love calls us to act, causes us to grow and refuses to have us stay the same.


A love that stays for a lifetime is a kind of love that you choose to build upon, not a love that merely flows as your life grows. A love that stays is a love that grows along with you. It’s not merely an escape, but a state of being.





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