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The Truth About Yourself
Daurie & Diana Wedding by Aha
Feb 2020

How high are the walls of your heart? People say that we live in a dangerous world, that we should be careful in whom or in what we put our trust in. We are taught to guard our own hearts, because as they all say, “nobody else could do it for you”. 


But how much do you trust yourself? We’ve all deceived ourselves at some point in our lives. We’ve once eaten an unhealthy amount of sugar and told ourselves, “this is a reward… I deserve this” and regret that decision years later when cavities build up. Just like those cavities, we slowly build walls to shield our hearts without knowing the effects it may have in our lives. We weaken the intimacy we once had with ourselves… which also hinders us from having that sense of intimacy with those around us.


The truth is, it is okay to lower your guard down to the right people, to be fully known by them. But before you are fully known by others, fully know yourself first. Look in the mirror and drop the façade. Be really honest about what you want, about how you feel, about how you think… and learn to cherish them. Because you can’t give the most important person in your world a gift that you don’t cherish. By realising and and believing this, you will start to see who you really are — without anything to hide, and it will lead to a deeper sense of intimacy, more than you’ve ever felt before with yourself and your loved ones. 


To love is to be truthful, and to be fully loved is also to be fully truthful. Never forget that true love begins out of a place of honesty.





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