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Love Makes Us New
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Feb 2020

There is always a desire for growth deep inside our hearts. When we don’t grow, we either feel stuck or we feel like we are regressing in life. What stops us from growing? We might think that it’s the mountains or the dead ends that are blocking our way, but what if it is the burdens that we carry that are slowing us down?


To change for the better, you don’t always need to add something into your life. Sometimes it’s about removing things that no longer serve you. We tend to think that we don’t have enough in order for us to grow so we chase endlessly after knowledge, seek approval, reach heights after heights, only to realise that we’ve been climbing the wrong building this whole time.


Sometimes, life isn’t always about searching for more. It’s about remembering what we were created to be. Sometimes, it’s not about becoming something. It’s about unbecoming — breaking away from the person we think we “should” be and stepping into the person that we really are.


And so this is where love steps in. True love is like a mirror. We can’t look at ourselves without a mirror being held up toward us. True love cares about us enough to point out our blindspots. It takes us by the hand, looks straight into our eyes, and cares about us enough to tell us the truth.


True love reveals. Falling in love reveals things about us that we never knew existed in our hearts — the kind of love we never knew existed, all the unsorted baggage from our past that we never knew was sitting there the whole time, the wounds that haven’t been healed properly. Love reveals what truly matters most to us, it reveals what we truly prioritise and value. The change that love brings produces clarity. 


A love that is true truly makes us new. 





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