Photography : Portraiture
Partner in Crime
Portraiture of Melissa by Herna
Feb 2020

To storytellers, the Sidekick is no less important than the other characters or archetypes. Sidekicks are the ones who give meaning to the Heroes’ lives, the ones who support them emotionally, the ones who keep them grounded. Sidekicks have an unwavering kind of loyalty — the kind of loyalty where they would put all of their trust and faith in their Heroes. And, most importantly, the Sidekick’s role is to help their Heroes get back up on their feet when they feel like they’re on the verge of failing.


Every Superhero needs a Sidekick. But a loyal, undemanding, and selfless Robin is very hard to find in a world where everyone wants to be Batman. 


And so we look to our pets for unmerited comfort, support, loyalty, and trust. Exotic pets, especially, are a gem. Our love for them grows as we spend more and more time with them, gazing upon their beauty and their rarity. Our understanding grows with them as we learn to take care of and deal with their specificity. 


And so we look to our precious little pets. They don’t just exist in our lives for the sake of our own pleasure, or even for their own pleasure. They are here because we know and have decided in our hearts that we want to spend our lives loving on them. They are the ones who can accept us as we are, who have seen us at our highs and our lows yet still love us unconditionally. 


Our pets keep us grounded by faithfully reminding us of our sole purpose in this world: to love fearlessly and generously, without expecting anything in return. Our pets are the most noble of all creatures, for although they give so much joy and peace to our lives, they would never ask for such credit.





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