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Aku Cinta Dia
Music Video of Ricky Lionardi Ft. Andien by Fen Soong
Feb 2020

Remember how it felt like having a crush on someone? You would scribble his/her name on the back of your notebook during class, and put your name next to theirs just to see how they would look like at your “wedding”. You would close your eyes and all you could imagine was their cute little smile. You. Couldn’t. Stop. Staring! You would try to silence your feelings and think about their weaknesses…. but you just couldn’t. You would listen to love songs on repeat and find the one that seemed like it was made especially for you.  

Love was so simple back then. Catching your crush staring back at you was enough to light up a bunch of fireworks within your heart. You just loved being around them. You were mesmerized by every word that they said to you, and you would repeat that conversation in your head that night, or even for days. 

This is what childlike love looks like. Not “childish” love — childish is messy, inappropriate, irresponsible. Childish love is unhealthily clingy and self-serving. But childlike love — it’s full of wonder and appreciation for the little things.

As adults, we sometimes forget that we have the permission to let go of our seriousness and just be childlike. We fill our heads with all our responsibilities and liabilities that we forget to have fun for a little bit. We put the pressure on ourselves to act mature and look like we have it all together when we don’t. We forget that having fun is healthy for us, that simply falling in love all over again is good for our souls.

Take a walk down memory lane once in a while, remind yourselves of how generous you were with your love. Remind yourselves of the moment you first fell in love. Though you may have been naive, you were most importantly happy. 



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