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Love On The Line
Same Day Edit of Christian & Eunike by Dimar
Feb 2020

How do you know that it’s love? How do you know that it is more than just a crush, that it is something deeper, something that’s everlasting? How do you know that what you’re feeling is right, and that it’s not just all in your head?


Every love story is unique. These stories are almost nothing like — but are so much more than — the fairy tales we see in books. Stories often have a beginning, a middle, and an end. But, in reality, the middle part can feel like it’s stretching out into the ages. The middle part is where we fight the battles, it is where the mountains and the valleys lie.


Fairy tales are for bedtime, whereas real love stories are for when you’re awake, for the real world. They aren’t always perfect, nor do they come easily. True love is about staying faithful, even after having gone through many ups and downs. It is about staying fruitful, even after having gone through vicious storms. It is about staying hopeful, even after having gone through countless accidental hurts.


On the day that you realise you love him/her, you’ll realise that you are willing to throw everything on the line for them. True love is an act of sacrifice. Not the scary sacrificial type — but the beautiful and rare human act of letting go and putting the needs of others far up above one’s own needs.


No wonder real love stories are full of challenges — because without them, there is no proof of love. Without hardships, there would be no room for love, kindness, patience, or sacrifice. 


So, when challenges come your way, know that they are not a sign that things are going downhill. Challenges are opportunities to prove and express your love. Like putting gold into the fire, challenges put your love in for refinement. Know that the right kind of love will come out of the furnace stronger, healthier, and higher in quality. 





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