The Faces Behind The Works of Axioo Jakarta
Axioo Heroes of Jakarta by AXIOO
Jan 2020

Perhaps you see the fruit of our creativity everyday in your living room, on top of your coffee table, containing pages of precious moments captured prior to and on your wedding day. Or maybe you find it stowed away in the back of your bookshelf, only to be taken out on special occasions whenever you feel like taking a little walk down memory lane. Perhaps you see the fruit of our imagination on your phone screens as you scroll down social media, or at bazaars, art installations, weddings, or hanging nicely still, silent, and stunning on the wall of your friend’s house.


Throughout our journey, we have learned how photographs, videos, and visuals — they all have the immense power to captivate just about any human heart. Creativity can tap into all our human feelings, all our nostalgic memories, all our emotions, all the areas where logic somehow couldn’t touch. We have learned that creating art is a way of communication that goes beyond words, that crafting masterpieces can bring pure joy not only to the artisans, but also to the beholders.


But what truly lies beyond every single work of art that you see is a thousand phone calls, hundreds of meetings, and countless pairs of hard working hands of the people in a bustling, little house we call AXIOO.


Those hard working hands are the hands of our unsung heroes — the hands and feet that work day and night to keep us safe, to warmly greet us as we go into the driveway. The unsung heroes that execute set designs, turning vision into reality, working alongside our amazing stylists and using their strength to make everything easier for the couples, photographers, and videographers in the studio. Those are the hands of the creative geniuses that embrace their cameras daily. The hands that click, drag, and put together designs or moodboards, those with an eye for irresistible beauty.


Those are the hands of the people that bury their faces behind their laptops almost all day long, the ones jumping from one meeting to another — the ones that deliver all of this to your screens, to your heads. They are the ones who plan and carry out collaborations with other companies, the ones that use their creativity to tell the story of who we are and what we do as a team to the people outside our four walls. 


It’s not just these groups of people that make things happen behind the scenes — there are people who literally take care of our beloved AXIOO home, people who make sure that all our important files are neat and sorted, people who make sure that our photographers, videographers, stylists, and clients all meet together in the middle. 


Every morning, as we step into the dark wooden floors and sterling white walls, we are constantly reminded that creativity is best carried out by the joining of multiple hands, working together to serve other people, to serve a purpose that is greater than each of us individually. This is not just a company. AXIOO is where we grow, where we laugh, where our lives change. 




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