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Wake Up
Portraiture of Shelly Shuwanty by Herna
Jan 2020

There was once a popular desktop wallpaper that had a soft coloured background — it was either soft pink or white marble — and these words written on top of it in a handwritten font: 


“You gotta show up.” 


It was clearly a reminder that if you want to accomplish anything in life, that if you want to survive, you need to show up. Daily. 


Most of us, when we think about showing up, we think about putting on a façade to cover our emotions, circumstances, or conditions, and show up as an image to be presented to the world. For example, a working mom just a few months postpartum would show up to work despite her being exhausted from her newborn baby, with the image that she is ready to tackle any challenge the workplace would throw at her that day. Maybe you showed up for a friend today because she needed help with her breakup, all the while you were also in the midst of dealing with a family issue that has been heavy on your heart for days. These are just examples, and we don’t know what showing up looks like to you, but maybe showing up doesn’t always have to be about image.


Perhaps it is about taking a step closer towards your goal. “Visualize your highest self, then start showing up as her,” said an anonymous Pinterest quote. The world needs you to wake up from your slumber, not as an image, but as yourself. Showing up isn’t about presenting the right you to the world, it is about presenting the real you. Your image comes with expectations of its own and chasing it would be a torture. If you start showing up as yourselves, instead of chasing something unrealistic, you will have the drive towards excellence and, at the same time, allow yourselves to make mistakes. 


Let us not stay asleep to avoid the world altogether… just because it can sometimes be so exhausting. Instead, take a power nap. And when you wake up, depart from your image, wake up from it, and start showing up as the highest form of yourselves. The Universe will appreciate you for your realness. 




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